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Auto Auction promises to be a safe, secure, and proactive partner in buying and selling all types of vehicles.

Auto Auction may be new to the online world, but we are by no means new to the automotive industry. Our team has a rich and diverse background in the automotive trade, from modern to classic, from trackside to in front of the camera. We don't claim to know everything, but we do know how to bring buyers and sellers together. In short, Auto Auction is committed to placing your advert in front of buyers. Days of both financially investing and waiting for someone to find your advert are over, we do the groundwork for buyers! Our online submission process is simple to use, though we are always standing by to help if you are unsure. Have any questions? Simply visit our FAQs or contact us now.

Tiff Needell, our brand ambassador, brings a life of well-respected and recognised energy that fuels our marketing efforts. As a result, we can ensure a high-quality delivery and great exposure to all auctions listed across our platform. You will regularly find Tiff around the web, from social media tips and tricks, to buyer reviews on our YouTube channel.

We also place regular coverage across the most popular automotive magazines, online channels, regional and national newspapers.

Managed Solution

A Managed solution is also available. We handle the whole process, including photographs, detailing, storage, viewings, and handover. For more information and pricing, please contact us. Auto Auction prides itself on being a safe, secure and active partner, and looks forward to welcoming you to our family.

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It’s free to list on Auto Auction!


Buying and selling couldn’t be easier, the online process is just a few simple steps.


Throughout the whole process, the item stays in your possession.


With detailed descriptions and 80+ pictures, we show much more than a traditional viewing.


Our team is always available to help, 24/7.


Our newsletter offers regular auction updates as well as access to member only events.

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